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2014 Newly- Design Beauty Equipment IPL

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin:HK, China (Mainland)
Model Number:TONGQUAN
Type:Beauty Equipment

Product Description

Scope of treatment: 
Tender skin: 1. Improve forehead, face, arms, abdomen, leg ministry skin roughness, increase the elasticity of your skin, tender & whiter. 
2. Remove hair: Armpit hair, beard, limb bun line and bikini hair
3. Remove spot: Freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, liver spots, leather patches, birthmarks and some pigmentation. 
4. Wrinkles, acne, rosacea, remove red blood silk
Treatment features: 
1. High safety: Selective treatment, do not hurt the normal skin leaving no scars, no blom
2. High effection: International technology, comprehensive non-trace treatment, the clinical verification, the effect is remarkable
3. High scientific: Non-surgical, not stripped, not step in, new and high science and technology of non traumatic therapy
4. High accuracy: Microcomputer system accurate positioning the range, depth, strength and efficacy of treatment

Performance and parameters: 
Light spectrum: 550-1200 nm ( soften skin), 645-1200 nm (remove hair ), 580-1200 nm (remove red blood silk), 415-1200 nm (acne) (optional)
The energy density: 10 to 50 j/cm2
Pulse number: 1-7
Pulse width: 1-15 ms
The pulse delay time: 5-99 ms
Repeated cycles: 1-5 s
Flare area: 40 mm X 8 mm
Input power: AC220V / 50 Hz AC110V / 60 Hz
Drive power: 1700 w
Exterior size: 500 mm * 400 mm * 900 mm
Weight: 55 kg
Cooling system: The semiconductor refrigeration, air-cooled heat exchanger, large capacity of closed loop water cooling

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