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2014 Acoustic Meridian Clean Body Therapy

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Place of Origin:HK, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:pengxinTONGQUAN
Model Number:TONGQUAN
Type:Blood Pressure Regulation
Specification:Mini &Portable

Product Description

      Acounstic   meridian health analyzer               
1 Type : Electrical therapy type  
2 waranty time : 1 year
3 specification :mini&portable
4 place : guangzhou china
5 function : meridian clean  
6 eazy handle  easy use 
7 using place : home , health center , medical clinic , salon clinic 
8 operation : manual &sutomatic
9Freqency : 10-100hz
10power 220v/50HZ
product information 
Product  Introduction  
This machine is an electrical therapy .output adopt those trditional chinese accupunctue  method to make massage  our body: press dot ,knead  push our body method  to let electricity penetrate into our body to finish our therapy . our body can get full adjustment and full refresh and return to health condition . 

1 clean meridian 
2 improve blood circulation
3 make our cells alive 
4 make our nervous &musules alive 
5 adjust the digestive system 
6anti-inflammatory effect 
7relieve the pain function 
8 eliminate fatigue 
9refresh human body 
10 beauty ,sliming ,makeyour body health . 

1 Home use : family member , relatives , friends . notice : chirldren under 12 years don’t have to use it .
2 health esssence club , old pepole’s home, clinic 
3 beauty clinic ,salon clinic 
4 promote health care products 

How to use it ?  


Two modles are avilable
 1)Health preserving &conditioning   20 minutes  first continuous vibration for 10minutes  later intermittent vibration for 10minutes
2) massage for removing tired   30minutes  first continuou vibration for 15minutes later intermittent vibration for 15minutes .

contact information:

contact person: yiwan

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Health Analyzer

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