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2015 newest Multi-functional Multi-part Microcirculation Analyzer hot sale

Type:Biochemical Analysis System
Model Number:GFM
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Product Description


Double object lens with adjustable focus and continuously adjustable magnifying power
Long working distance of 10cm
Freely adjustable illuminating angle of optic fibers
Focus adjustment hand wheel
With two specialized microcirculation software installed for nail fold and bulbar conjunctiva analysis
Operating system for the software: Windows98/windows2000/windows XP

Multi-part microcirculation microscope with paired eyepieces
Double color light source and optic fibers for medical use
High-resolution color CCD camera
Advanced computer configuration
Color jet printer with outstanding and reliable performance
Nice-looking trolleys

Technical specifications:

Ratio of magnification change: 1: 7
Eyepiece: 10X
Magnification range of object lens: 0.65X~4.5X
Working distance: 95mm
Hand piece: Tilt 45°
Visual degree adjustment: ± 5°
Hand piece working mode: Horizontal and vertical
Lateral movement: ≥ 30mm
Longitudinal movement: ≥ 20mm
Front rack lifting range: ≥ 80mm
Mercury lamp: 220v 125w
Halogen tungsten lamp: 12v 50w
Axial flow blower: 220v 18w
Optic fiber: Φ 6mm transmittance≥ 70%
Power supply: 220v 50Hz(optional)
Safety class: Class type B




1.Payment: T/T ,L/C, Western Union

2.Production lead time :2-7 days

3.Sample can be delivered within one week

4.Shipping By Express(Fedex, DHL, UPS etc), By Air or By Sea Shipping freight are quoted under your requests

5.Discounts are offered based on order quantities



Our Factory

TONGQUAN Ltd., company is a health detector manufacture with 10 years history. We mainly concentrate on Health Analyzer career. Now we own various products lines. We have various products line:

1)HRA Medical system(aroud0.46millionDollors)


3)Skin/Iris/Hair detector,

4)Quantum resonant analyzer,

5)a drop of blood,


7) Colposcope detector. 

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Health Analyzer

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