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4D Capsule Nls/Cell Health Analyzer with CE Approved

Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Brand Name:pengxinTONGQUAN
Model Number:TONGQUAN
Dosage Form:Powder
Group:All Pepole
Checking Items:12systems, 256item
Model:Portable One, Capsule, Double -Screen

4D Capsule  NLS/Cell health analyzer with CE approved   

what’s the 4D-cell  work principle ?

    4D-cell system allow light wave and sonar entering into brain neurons by quantum resonance technology throw the eardrum,probe certain organs /tissue /cell / of hydrogen atom energy,produce resonance electromagnetic waves and feed back to cpmputer,then compared with the large datebase ,so that we know the detection organs situation in the past ,now and in the next 3or five years .
The database was built by the soviet union and  america sientist which cost them 35years and use reaserch fund as  much as hundreds of billion . gathered  entire information by different gender different ages ,different desease,different races 


1  4D-cell gather  3 main functions all together. body-detection  food anylisis,recovery therapy function 
2 it is widly  used in many fields . health-care field , beauty field ,cosmetical field  easy to carry , convinient to use 
3 No harm to your body , it’s called "green physical  test "
4 you can see your inside body situation clearly  and know well about the body health development in the next  3or 5 years 
5 can quickly detect human-body 12 system tissue change ,comparable to scan up to 12000,as quickly as the light ,in order to maintain the accuracy .
6 provide after-sale data  after health -products sell 
7provide individual health recovery plan by professional data for consumer 
8provide daily eating habits guidlance  for consumer 



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