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China wholesale 8d Nls/Cell Health Analyzer with CE Approved

Type:Diagnostic Data Processing Software
Brand Name:beijing pengxin TONGQUAN
Model Number:gf-168
Place of Origin:HK, China (Mainland)


Product Description


Specification :

Size: W 260MM *H777MM*L2400MM
Instrument back size :H1900MM*W2200MM Thinkness: 560MM


Charactristic :

1 Suitable for  healthcare maianance fields ,beauty  fields ,health products fields .
2 Green physical check"without harm
3 See clearly about your inside body situation  and know well about your health development in the next 3 or 5 years
4 Quickly detect human body 12 system cell tissue situation,compare to scan up to more than 12000item ,as quickly as light .
5Check out the effect of daily food or health food to our human body
6Provide professinal data for after-sales health products
7Give professional data for indvidual healthy recovery plan
8Give daily heathy guidlance for consumer daily eating
9 8D-cell with sliding capsule



                                          Detecting picture 


 Notice : Two choice are avilable 

   1) We provide philip  32 inch screen for  our worker analyse  as picture 1
   2) we provide phillip 22 inch screen &19inch screen for both our workers &detectee .as picture 2

 1) body detection function: Detectable systemic 12 big system, 256 items of zang-fu organs, glands, cell… , 4352 kinds of disease make predictive report, the whole body 120000 list ensure accurate detection. Users can saw their organs current and past, and future 3 to 5 years of health and organization cell vitality trend.

NLS Serial products :
3 main functions

2) the item(goods) analysis function: Can analysis food, health products… The article such as whether to human organs have the effect or damage, so as to carry out mediation balance life state.

3)repair treatment function: With energy spectrum restoration and repair function, to the early stages of the disease or has not been formed stage, especially for pain spot repair has the very good auxiliary curative effect.

 What is the  NLS analyzer principle?


 NLS health analyzer to light waves,sonar,through the eardrum into the human brain,use of quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific organs of the body tissue of the hydrogen atomic energy ,the resonance of electromagnetic waves and then feedback to the computer,Compared with fine huge database,thus find the detection organs present,past,and the next 3 ~5 years,the health status database was established by famous scientist of the former Soviet Union and the United States which spent 35 years,spending tens of billions of national research funds,a collection of different sex,different ages,different races,different diseases,different clinical data..

Company Information


PengxinTONGQUAN  Co., Ltd  is dedicated to providing innovative, quality products and excellent customer service. Whether you are placing an order, looking for technical support or just have a basic question, we will response to you within 24 hours and will strive to bring you the highest level of support. Please contact our company Service   




Our Services


A. Warranty period


Our warranty includes the maintenance of material and manufacturing technology malfunctions within Thirteen months from the date you buy our machine.




B. Restriction


If the machine is not dated, we will be unable to provide you the service. We will not bear any responsibility if any damage caused by the followings: Damage caused by fire, earthquake, riots, or any force majeure.

Contact information 

Sales manager :Elizabeth
TEL:0086 13522019492 



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