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Eye Iris Scanner Analyzer /Digital Iriscope / Iris Analyzer

Brand Name: PengxinTONGQUAN
Model Number:TONGQUAN
Place of Origin:HK, China (Mainland)

Product Description

              Professonal Iris Test Instument for health analyzer

Iris test instrument features:

1 iris diagnosis is through the change of the eye iris to infer the health status and peep personal rehabilitation process
2, according to the different parts of the iris image color, fiber density to determine physical health status, and a diagnosis of 33 kinds of human physiological phenomenon, is conductedto early detection of disease, early treatment.


Iris  detector 

Iris detection instrument
Iris detection instrument is developed by high tech, the iris instrument examination by accurately detecting the toxin in the body, nutrition, health cause to dialysis influence the final obstacle cosmetic reasons, so as to provide the scientific basis for beauty care, the correct guidance of beauty trainer for the customer design the most suitable cosmetology program. The iris instrument examination helps beauticians fully understand the customer’s health status, the generation and deposition of toxins in the body, effectively intake of nutrition, as to find specific ways to solve problems

                                    Iris detector 

Iris theory
Iris diagnosis based on the theory of life. Iris from embryonic period has been generatedand on the 280 day fully developed. It is an extension of the human brain, there are tens of thousands of nerve, vascular, muscle and other tissues of the body which are connected with the body, receives each message in the corresponding region, iris reflects the graphics, color changes, so as to observe the causal analysis of human organ damage degree, work intensity and sub health. Data recording black clip like aircraft, can record the human personality characteristics, behavioral science, health etc…We study from the iris of health is in part to reveal the mystery of the iris, the endless mysteries of science, more remains to us to further study and discussion.

                                               Factory show

     At present, the iris a developing discipline has been widely used around the world in nature medicine, preventive medicine, clinical medicine and medical and health care industry. This inspection method, can reveal the past everybody symptoms, showing subhealth phenomenon now, so the health trend in the future, contribute to the diagnosis and the sub health tracking. Especially the state of the pepole early disease, can accomplish early discovery early conditioning, best assistant health supplements and cosmetics idea of sales promotion, the accurate rate of it more than 96%. Chinese government has been approved.

Company  Show 

TONGQUAN Ltd.,company is a health detector manufacture for 
10 years history.  
Our headquarters is located in HK. In order to meet company
expansion needs , we built sub-company in Zhengzhou(Henan)province
and Guangzhou( Guangdong)province. In china mainland we assign one
General agent in each province to undertake the marketing expansion .We
own two factory. One is located in Zhengzhou. Mainly produce the minimal
products like 3D/5DdetectorThe other one is in Foshan(Guangdong) ,mainly
produce the capsule . We also set two shop respectively in
Guangzhou&HK wholesale market Monthly we will produce minimal
detector per model around 5000Pcs , The big detector around 100pcs Per
Model .Last year total turnover around 10million Dollar around .
Now we have more than 500 workers including Finance Department,
Administration Department, Sales Department, Foreign Trading Department,
R&D Department, Network Marketing Department etc Our customer from all
over the world such as China mainland, HK, Taiwan, Brazil, American,
England. Our ambition is" make more people health " Our quota is "customer
top, quality first " welcome to our company!
Welcome to our factory &company for visiting

Packaging & Shipping

 About Shipping

Shipping Method


Means of Transport

Shipping Time

Start and Destination


           Suit for

       Small Order


3-5 days


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4-6 days




Postal Service

10 days


Air Transportation

Suit for Middle Order

By Plane

3-5 days


        to Airport

 Sea Transportation


for Big Order

      By Ship

Europe: 25-30days

America: 15-20days

East Asia: 15days

Southeast Asia: 15days


Contact information
Contact person: Robin wang
Tel: +8613522016461

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