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korea water injection instrument

Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
Place of Origin:HK, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:beijing pengxin TONGQUAN


Product Description


DermaShine® Balance System is an innovative Digital injector system(with Suction Scr
Multi Needle) utilizing DermaShine® Balance Aspirator. Multi Screw needle consisting
9  needles is  easily injected to the firm inject-sites.    DermaShine®  Balance  Aspira
makes inject-sites  firm by pulling it upward.  This procedure occurs simultaneously and
injection can be made surprisingly easily and fast.
Main Points of DermaShine® Balance System
DermaShine® Balance System :
           : Enables Suction Screw multi needle to penetrate the body smoothly
           : Challenge treatment zones that are difficult to inject manually
DermaShine® Injector inject equal amounts of medicine into desired depth
(0~2mm) of inject-sites uniformly distributed
Treatment productivity increases due to 9Pin multi-needle :
           : Less time & efforts required


1.Don’t put it on the place which has line of magnetic force or genera
tes a magnetic field terribly.
2. Don’t keep it on the place which is moist or hot.
3. Don’t keep it on the place that can fall.
4. If you need to repair it, stop using it and contact our service center.




1. Please read the user manual carefully before use.
2. When connecting the screw needle, if you combine needle strongly, these are
separated and drug runs out.
3. When using Aspirator, the leakage of medicine and breeding can be the cause of
failure by running out drug to main machine through suction tube.
4. If the injector is used upward, the leakage of medicine can be the cause of failure by
running out drug to main machine.
5. When unplugging the power cord, the body of plug has to be grabbed.
Do not pull the line or shake it.
6. When the amount of setting drug is completed in Autosensing/Auto-Dose/Dose, beep
sound will be produced in main aspirator and injection will be stopped. In Auto-
Dose/Dose mode, press the foot switch in order to inject one shot of medicine. To
prevent over-injection, if user stops pressing the foot switch before completing the
injection of one shot, the machine will be stopped.
7. When reaching 50% of the number of setting shot, beep sound will be produced.
When completing the injection, beep sound will be produced and injection will be
8. When operation of Aspirator, if supply of election power is stopped by black out etc.,
beep sound will be produced in 3seconds and lamp will be produce in 5minutes to
inform stopping the supply of election power.
9. When the use of machine is stopped and moved or the connection terminal is
separated or connected, put off the power supply.

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