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Type:Skin Scrubber
Operation System:Ultrasonic
Place of Origin:HK, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HK Pengxin Guofang
Model Number:GF-168
Feature:Deep Cleansing, Exfoliators, Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation
Weight:55 kg
Repeated cycles:1-5s


Product Description


 Scope of treatment: 
Tender skin: 1. Improve forehead, face, arms, abdomen, leg ministry skin roughness, increase the elasticity of your skin, tender & whiter. 
2. Remove hair: Armpit hair, beard, limb bun line and bikini hair
3. Remove spot: Freckles, chloasma, sunburn, age spots, liver spots, leather patches, birthmarks and some pigmentation. 
4. Wrinkles, acne, rosacea, remove red blood silk
Treatment features: 
1. High safety: Selective treatment, do not hurt the normal skin leaving no scars, no blom
2. High effection: International technology, comprehensive non-trace treatment, the clinical verification, the effect is remarkable
3. High scientific: Non-surgical, not stripped, not step in, new and high science and technology of non traumatic therapy
4. High accuracy: Microcomputer system accurate positioning the range, depth, strength and efficacy of treatment

Performance and parameters: 
Light spectrum: 550-1200 nm ( soften skin), 645-1200 nm (remove hair ), 580-1200 nm (remove red blood silk), 415-1200 nm (acne) (optional)
The energy density: 10 to 50 j/cm2
Pulse number: 1-7
Pulse width: 1-15 ms
The pulse delay time: 5-99 ms
Repeated cycles: 1-5 s
Flare area: 40 mm X 8 mm
Input power: AC220V / 50 Hz AC110V / 60 Hz
Drive power: 1700 w
Exterior size: 500 mm * 400 mm * 900 mm
Weight: 55 kg
Cooling system: The semiconductor refrigeration, air-cooled heat exchanger, large capacity of closed loop water cooling


Packaging & Shipping


Payment terms


1.Payment: T/T ,L/C, Western Union

2.Production lead time :2-7 days

3.Sample can be delivered within one week


4.Shipping By Express(Fedex, DHL, UPS etc), By Air or By Sea Shipping freight are quoted under your requests

5.Discounts are offered based on order quantities




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