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medical equipment sale for microcirculation

Properties:Microsurgery Equipments
Model Number:TONGQUAN
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Theory:Vedio Microcirculation



Portable Mini-Microcirculation Detector








microcirculation mircroscope
blood capillary Detector
Capillary Microscopy Imaging


  Portable color microcirculation microscope is an advanced medical photoelectric apparatus, equipped with a special LED light source, used mainly on human nailfold capillary microcirculation of microscopic examination of dynamic perspective, USB Video Capture cards with the real-time dynamic clear indication of the microcirculation vascular morphology, flow pattern, loop weeks images, which can be right microcirculation image capture, video, surveying microvessel diameter, pipe length, velocity and other indicators and may microcirculation indicators for expert analysis and medical points, beautifully printed copies of the report alone.


The apparatus is widely used for a variety of clinical diseases (such as cardiovascular, hypertension, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) microcirculation change occurred in the early diagnosis, prediction, the effect of judgment and prognosis of other aspects. Operation is simple, rapid, and noninvasive, without any side effects.


Meanwhile, widely used in medicine and health products, human health, census beauty care and other areas of human fingernails Microcirculation Detection Analysis



What’s the features?
Microcirculation microscope viewer is a new type of photoelectric instrument
1 equipped with a color camera system,
2object lens: 4 x, 5 x or 10 x,
3adopt new LED ring lamp system,
4 connect to TV, monitor, or through the switch connected to the computer’s USB port

5. The total magnification: /=240 times (need to connect to a specific screen)
6. Objective lens: Or 4 x, 5 x 10 x (optional)
7. The bearing units: Can rotate 360 ° , the platform moving range 30 x 80 mm
8. Lighting: LED light source system, high brightness, low power consumption, energy saving effect is obvious, use of economic and security. At the same time new illuminator, low temperature, long life, 10000-20000 hours. Life use, can effectively reduce the cost.

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