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meridian detector test health English vision

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Model Number:MA-1
Input voltage:AC220v/50hz
Input power:<15VA
CPU: P-II 450 Mhz
Working time:20minutes\30minutes
theory:Chinese medicine recuperating meridians
Video card:V-RAM 16M/V-RAM 32M
system:Windows 98/2000/XP

Product Description

Meridian is the access of the circulation of qi and blood, belong to the zang-fu organs, within the outer throughout the whole body, snapping the tissues and organs become an organic whole. Classics, refers to the meridians, like a straight path, is the backbone of meridian system; , refers to the collaterals, is like a network, is a small branch of meridians. Main and collateral channels, it is the floorboard of the meridians and collaterals.  our body can get full adjustment and full refresh and return to health condition . 

1 clean meridian 
2 improve blood circulation
3 make our cells alive 
4 make our nervous &musules alive 
5 adjust the digestive system 
6anti-inflammatory effect 
7relieve the pain function 
8 eliminate fatigue 
9refresh human body 
10 beauty ,sliming ,makeyour body health . 

1 Home use : family member , relatives , friends . notice : chirldren under 12 years don’t have to use it .
2 health esssence club , old pepole’s home, clinic 
3 beauty clinic ,salon clinic 
4 promote health care products 

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1.Payment: T/T ,L/C, Western Union

2.Production lead time :2-7 days

3.Sample can be delivered within one week

4.Shipping By Express(Fedex, DHL, UPS etc), By Air or By Sea Shipping freight are quoted under your requests

5.Discounts are offered based on order quantities


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Q: what is the basic principle of meridian detector?


A: simple, using the principle of TCM meridian, acquisition of the human body acupuncture point (the original point of twelve meridians) bioelectricity, access to the computer system for quantitative analysis, and comparison analysis with clinical database, it is concluded that a more objective health assessment.


Q: detector complex operation?


A: very simple, as long as the left hand holding the sensor, the sensor probe in human limbs (24) on the hands and feet supersession part gently touch, without any uncomfortable feeling.


Q: his credibility and accuracy how many?


Answer: each meridian is a complex is a visceral, as long as it is this place ways meridians and collaterals distribution around the lesions appear, can be expressed by the meridian.So he accuracy can reach 80% – 90%.


Q: detector is there any requirement for the computer system?


Answer: if the operating system installed on a Windows 98 / me, need to install Microsoft office at the same time, the computer system to work normally, installed in the Windows 2000 / xp operating system, the system can do not need other systems support which can be normal work.


Q: anyone can make the test?


A: cardiac with artificial up people cannot check, immature children because of the body, not suitable for detection.


Q: why do some people points measure not to come out?


Answer: because some people exercise less at ordinary times, the body’s metabolism is slow, itself is low, physical if it is on an empty stomach, physical fitness will be lower, so it’s difficult to low detection point of current value.


Q: why do some body can be particularly high?


A: eat health care products, often exercise for a long time, physical fitness is higher, shows that functional metabolism was particularly strong, particularly energetic.Disease, fever, hyperthyroidism will also rise.


Q: how to look at health assessment report?


Answer: the health report is divided into five parts, the biological current value graphs, five interpretation analysis, analysis of main and collateral channels, the most possible problems and potential problems.Graphs of three kinds of color, red for disease states, green health, blue for sub-health state.

Outstanding on the right side of the red for symptoms (pain) lesions, the left side of the red for chronic lesions.



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