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Professional Touch Screen Intelligent Portable Face Skin Analyzer

Type:Skin Analyzer
Place of Origin:HK, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HK pengxin TONGQUAN
Model Number:gf-168

2014 Newest Professional Touch Screen Intelligent

Portable Face Skin Analyzer

Product description:

Intelligent skin analyzer is a beautiful shape, simple use function overall skin test equipment. It can correctly analyze moisture to the skin, oil share, pore, lines, and splash, cutin situation. Automatic save in the instrument, let the customer clear understanding of test results and usingbeauty products skin changes before and after real situations, and can use the real 3D reduction technology stereo 3D images on the skin, can be arbitrary Angle analysis observation, according to the test results to be automatic recommend your company corresponding products. Advance built~in your product material, testing use is a never tired need not to pay customers trust and the resident beauty guide and advertisement version. It is the first choice for Cosmetics company in beauty industry to promote the sales and extension guest.

This product characteristics:

1, The overall design built~in host makes it need not connection and installation, the touch screen operation with voice prompt, easy~to~use intuitive without learning, super light design make it easy to carry, Open to use at any time.

2, with special appearance design of the mould development, highgrade beautiful, it makes your product image more elegant. Product appearance and use interface and voice prompt any modification, it provides the real OEM and let you have a private customized special instrument, more match your product image.

3, it is The first one hairdressing apparatus can hang a wall to use, cosmetic line setting in exhibiting can save more space image outstanding, without detection it can release product advertising when images into your free advertising board.

4, according to use, it can change control parameters test results to make customers more firmly believe product effect.

5, Instrument with professional lines and cosmetic line two working pattern, all the beauty industry are applicable.

6, Response low carbon energy saving and 25 W low power consumption, 24 hours only cost 0.4 RMB, save the cost.

Our Services

1. One year warranty for the mainframe without charges for components or repairing.

2. Free trainingfor operate of the equipment in our company., which provide by our specialized training.

3. On-line services. For example, technical consultancies provided byour skilled technique group concerning, and after-sale maintenance and more.

4. OEM/ODMservices are available. We haveour own developing and design department.

Contact information:
Sales manager: Elizabeth

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