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Protable Infrared Inspection Equipment for Mammary Gland

Type:Medical Micro-Devices
Model Number:gf
Place of Origin:HK, China (Mainland)
Wave length:620nm
Optical Power:0 – 100mW
Charger Input:AC 100 – 240V, 0.36A, 50-60Hz
Net Weight:223g
Gross Weight:458g
Battery Time:180 mins
Dimensions:205mm X 46 mm X 53mm
Package Size:231mm X 151mm X 75mm

Product Description

  Mammary Gland care portable and home use breast examination therapy device
Qucik features:

1.Hand-held and easy to use.


3.Excellent treatment results.

4.Good quality and best price.

5.CE and SFDA license, as well as Certificate of Origin & Certificate of Free Sale.

6.Patented in both industrial design and utility design.


GF-168 is an innovative hand-held device for self-examination and self-therapy of breast.GF-168 sends out bright-red beam, shown to be effective in detecting breast tumors and other breast abnormalities, achieving prevention of breast disease.The red light from GF-168 also promotes breast health.The "Care" mode of GF-168 combines the benefits of red light and massage to treat breast disease.GY-BA is world’s leading instrument in breast health using patented technology, with 100% of the safety and effectiveness on the treatment and prevention of breast disease, without radiation, without any side effects.

GF-168 have passed CE approval and State Food & Drug Administration registration.GF-168 can be sold as medical device in most of the countries.We can provide CE license, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Free Sale


Features of Breastangel:

1.Changing the size and shape of breast;
2.Reducing particularly dimpling or puckering, improving skin shining degree;
3.Changing the appearance of the nipple or a discharge from the nipple;

4.Lumpy areas or thickening of the breast tissue.

Packaging & Shipping



Shipping Method


Means of Transport

Shipping Time

Start and Destination


Suit for Small Order


3-5 days

Door to Door


3-5 days


4-6 days

Postal Service

10 days

Air Transportation

Suit for Middle Order

By Plane

3-5 days

Airport to Airport

Sea Transportation

Suit for Big Order

By Ship

Europe: 25-30days

America: 15-20days

East Asia: 15days

Southeast Asia: 15days


Our Services


1. We are a professional leading comprehensive Healthcare&Beauty machine manufacturer located in


2. Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price .

3. OEM/ODM is highly welcome!

4. Alibaba Assessed Gold Supplier.

5. 100% QC inspection Before Shipmeng.

Company Information




1.Payment: T/T ,L/C, Western Union

2.Production lead time :2-7 days

3.Sample can be delivered within one week

4.Shipping By Express(Fedex, DHL, UPS etc), By Air or By Sea Shipping freight are quoted under your requests

5.Discounts are offered based on order quantities



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