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Quantum Magnetic Resonnance Analyzer

Type:Bacteria Analysis System
Brand Name:pengxinTONGQUAN
Model Number:TONGQUAN
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Language:French/Koean/Germany/Romania/ Spannish /Russian
Size: 15.5cm*20cm*17cm

Product Description


  2014 Latest 39 Reports Quantum Health Analyzer






What is quantum meridian analyzer?


  "computer diagnoses health instrument " which involve into medical science ,bioinformatics, electronics, etc. subjects bring a high technology new ideas. It rational based on meridian doctrine of TCM, exporting bioelectric current of channel and point by inductor applying for advanced electronic equipment, importing computer , contrasting with center database , aggregating analysis retrace data information , evaluating and analytical judging health statue and key issue, and then proposing standard preventive suggestion. "computer diagnoses health instrument " is a omnibearing healthy consultant and individualization guide of advancing front health department , there are a lot of characteristic and preponderance ,i.e. overall, atraumatic, practical, convenient, fast, economical, easy popular, etc.. It will make more contribution for human being healthy with scientific research profound and development, have extensive development and application perspective.






1. The system collects the signal of pulse, blood flow and bioelectricity. No need to take blood test,  therefore this product can test your health condition in a minute and without any trauma or  poisonous effect.
2. The database, which is based on a large number of clinic verification, is reliable and accurate.

3. Printing and storage reports




one of the report display 




Applied place : 
1 Home use ( for family ,ralative ,friends ) 
2 Health clinic , Health essence clinic , beauty clinic , salon clinic 
3 promoting  health care product selling  

No. Reports No. Reports
01 Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular 20 Endocrine System            
02 Gastrointestinal function 21 Immune System
03 Liver function 22 Breast
04 Gallbladder function 23 Vitamin
05 Pancreatic function 24 Amino Acid
06 Kidney function 25 Bone Growth Index
07 Lung function 26 Eye
08 Brain nerve 27 Heavy Metal
09 Bone disease 28 Allergy
10 Bone mineral density 29 Coenzyme
11 Rheumatoid bone disease 30 Element of human
12 Blood sugar 31 Pulse of heart and brain
13 Basic physical quality 32 Channels and collaterals
14 Human toxin 33 Sperm and semen
15 Trace element 34 Menstrual cycle
16 Prostate 35 Gynecology
17 Male sexual function 36 Obesity
18 Gynecology 37 Collagen 
19 Skin 38 Comprehensive Report Card 





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Health Analyzer

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