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wholesale medical equipment with CE Approved

Type:Bacteria Analysis System
Brand Name:pengxinTONGQUAN
Model Number:TONGQUAN
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Warranty:1 Year
Operation:Manual &Automatic

Acoustic meridian clean health product  with CE approved  



Product  Introduction  
This machine is an electrical therapy .output adopt those trditional chinese accupunctue  method to make massage  our body: press dot ,knead  push our body method  to let electricity penetrate into our body to finish our therapy . our body can get full adjustment and full refresh and return to health condition . 

1 clean meridian 
2 improve blood circulation
3 make our cells alive 
4 make our nervous &musules alive 
5 adjust the digestive system 
6anti-inflammatory effect 
7relieve the pain function 
8 eliminate fatigue 
9refresh human body 
10 beauty ,sliming ,makeyour body health . 

1 Home use : family member , relatives , friends . notice : chirldren under 12 years don’t have to use it .
2 health esssence club , old pepole’s home, clinic 
3 beauty clinic ,salon clinic 
4 promote health care products 

1 Main Characters 
 I This machine mainly use acoustic to clean meridians , which are different from existed therapy technology ,such as ,electricity therapy, heating therapy , lighting therapy,magnetic therapy . 
 2 This machine is integrated technology therapy method ,combining traditional chinese medicine therapy theory with electricity-acoustic technology . It can clean meridian , regulate QI&blood,regulate zang-fu , it is so soft to body without harm , easily handle . 
 3 According to traditional chinese meridian theory&theory that acoustic can spread in our body . So we use two methods to regulate our body "12 meridians clean", that is we send acoustic information to 12meridians at the same time ,clean block meridian , to make your body keep balance, ,so it is helpful to your whole body organs . "two meridian methods" it can regulate organs disease ,such as chest ,waist ,neck . 
  4 Due to the acoustic information spread from hand ,foot to chest ,waist to organs ,so it can regulate your whole body , it is useful for kinetic system.
  5 increase blood circulation , improve blood circulation, when you put the four clips on your hands &foot , make your brain afresh&relax . 
 6 Due to whole body adjustment , so when may find some early disease ,we can get adjustment as soon as possible . 
 8 quick effect , after you use it in 1-5 times 

Two modles are avilable

 1)Health preserving &conditioning   20 minutes  first continuous vibration for 10minutes  later intermittent vibration for 10minutes
2) massage for removing tired   30minutes  first continuou vibration for 15minutes later intermittent vibration for 15minutes 
Company Information


We are capable design, production, strict quality control system and satisfactory after-sale service.

With advanced technology, rich experience and active attitude, we serve customers all over the world, gain satisfactory feedbacks and enjoy a good reputation for our high-quality products, exquisite techniques, user-friendly and prompt delivery as well as best OEM service. 





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